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The Therapeutic Benefits of Yoga Therapy are Profound and Broad

Yoga Therapy as Health Care is a growing field and scientific evidence has begun to emphasize its potency. It is used to address existing mental and physical health issues, but can also be used a as wellness practice for disease-prevention and health maintenance.

There continues to be new evidence that the mind-body connection has an impact on our genes. "Epigenetics" is the term for how our gene activity changes in response to our lifestyle choices. No matter what genes we have inherited from our parents, change at this level allows us limitless possibilities for our health and wellness. Our health is literally in our hands.


Yoga Therapy

Helping You Live Vibrantly with Heart Disease, Diabetes, Arthritis, Pain Management, and So Much More

Yoga Therapy for Heart Disease

For clients with high-blood pressure, heart disease, and other conditions aggravated by stress, yoga’s breathing exercises can promote peace of mind by lowering your cortisol levels. A well-sequenced yoga session can leave you feeling restored and revitalized.

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Yoga Therapy for Diabetes

Yoga has been found to reduce blood sugar and drug requirements for people with Type II Diabetes. A regular yoga practice paired with mindful eating can also help people shed extra weight and relieve stress and anxiety. 

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Yoga Therapy for Arthritis & Pain

If you have arthritis or an injury, yoga can be a gentle way to alleviate pain and regain strength. Slow, intentional movements mean a low risk of injuring muscles and ligaments. The awareness and mindfulness practices may help you learn to better cope with discomfort. A teacher like myself is attentive to current pain or prior injuries and can tailor individual sessions to your needs.

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Yoga Therapy for Holistic Wellness

Yoga is as healthy for the mind as it is for the body. It’s a process-oriented, non-judgmental practice. The focus is internal, so you’re not comparing yourself to others and worrying about falling behind. The possibilities for growth in self-awareness, self-acceptance, and confidence are limitless! Additionally, yoga has been shown to improve your mood, sleep, strength, balance, coordination, and posture.

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Rates & Fees

Choose the Best Plan for Your Needs

As a Registered Yoga Therapist and Teacher, I’m passionate about sharing the therapeutic effects of yoga with everyone in my community. Private individual or small group sessions can be a comfortable and effective way to experience the therapeutics effects of yoga for yourself.

Single Session: $80 per one hour session

Workshops: Prices vary
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Group Sessions: $20/person
For groups larger than 5

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