Live More Vibrantly

Yoga for Health Care & Plant-Based Nutrition Coaching

As your Yoga for Health Care Instructor and Plant-Based Nutrition Coach, my goal is to make healthy choices easier and easier for you, until one day they’re effortless and routine.

We can work together in a few different ways:


Plant-Based Nutrition

Plant-Based Living to Benefit Your Body, Your Mind, and the Planet

A Whole Food Plant-Based diet is the avenue to abundant health. My sessions and packages are designed to empower you, and get you excited about choosing to nourish your body in this way. Vibrant health and mindful living at its best!

 “Krisann is so passionate and knowledgeable on Whole Food Plant-Based living.  Her passion and energy can’t help but inspire me to live a life filled with quality nourishing foods.  I also love that she teaches me that it doesn’t have to be complicated and can still be satisfying and fill me up.  Krisann is an amazing resource to bring a plant-based diet into a comfortable reality and has helped me thrive and feel my best.” M. Pratt


Yoga Therapy for Health Care

Personalized Sessions for Individuals, Families, & Groups

The therapeutic modalities of yoga therapy comprise a wide range of mind-body practices, from postural and breathing exercises to deep relaxation and meditation.  It helps to promote wellness, and to assist specific medical conditions. Yoga is beneficial for many chronic conditions, and can be practiced alongside conventional medical treatment.


VIP Mindful Living Plans

Yoga & Plant-Based Nutrition Coaching

Creating vibrant health and a life worth relishing is easier when you approach it from all angles: mind, body, and spirit. My VIP services take a holistic, 360-Degree approach to change, promoting wellness from the inside out (plant-based nutrition and yoga) and the outside in (personal training and yoga)