Enjoy a Life Well-Lived

Whether you’re living with a chronic health condition (such as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, or cancer) or wishing to prevent one, you’re here because you’re ready for something new. You wish to be able to move freely, without pain. You want peace of mind. You desire a long, joyful, and healthy life. A life well-lived.

Wellness is a choice and commitment you make to yourself everyday, but it’s not always an easy choice. Often it can feel too overwhelming, too exhausting, or too painful to stay the course. If this is the case for you, I’d like to help.


"Krisann knew exactly what I needed to become a better me.  She created a lifestyle plan that has increased my flexibility and core strength and has improved my eating habits.  I've lost weight and grown stronger. Just as importantly, she's become my coach, mentor and advocate for continued better health. Her energy and positive attitude are contagious! - C. Gold

I’m passionate about helping you achieve what at first feels impossible.

I’m a Registered Yoga Teacher (500 E-RYT), Certified Yoga Therapist,  Certified Personal Trainer, and a Whole Food Plant-Based Coach. I can show you how the therapeutic benefits of yoga help you manage pain, reduce stress, and shed excess weight. I can also help you begin and sustain a plant-based lifestyle that benefits your body, your mind, and the planet.

Together we’ll build a more vibrant and mindful life, one step at a time.


KPM Beginner's Guide

Not sure where to start? Download now!

For a short time only, I am offering a Whole Food Plant Based Starter Guide. Whether you are a first timer, or seeking out a plan to follow, this packet will ensure an easy transition into your new lifestyle.

The KPM Starter Guide provides all the essential tools necessary to start your Whole Food Plant Based Journey. Separated into three parts; Part 1 explores a  'Well Stocked WFPB Pantry.' Part 2 is your 'Restaurant Guide' to eating WFPB, even when eating out at restaurants. Part 3 provides an 'Introduction to Meal Prep' for kicking off your journey.


Let's Get Started!